Why us

A customer service commitment from the Executive Director

Leigh PenberthyExecutive Director

At Car Leasing Options, we offer clear, straight-forward advice, competitive fleet purchasing power and a 24/7, 365 days a year support service, all backed up by industry-leading online systems. So from your first visit to our website, to that exhilarating moment when you drive away in your new vehicle, all interaction with us is quick, easy and hassle free!

As Executive Director, I’m proud of the continued growth and development Car Leasing Options is experiencing, because it means we can offer you more products, greater choice and an even higher level of service. Importantly, our customer first commitment remains our number one priority as a business. Car Leasing Options is a company built on the strength of its professional service and relationships, and this will never change.

Whether you come to us as a family or an individual taking a novated lease or as a company wanting an operating lease through Car Leasing Options, I can personally guarantee we will put dollars back in your pocket and at the same time give you peace of mind on the road.

We look forward to supporting you through many years of happy and safe driving!

Leigh Penberthy
Executive Director


Car Leasing Options is committed to delivering the highest possible service experience through its industry leading best business practice and innovation. We look to be recognised as the leader across our full range of leasing and salary packaging solutions by focusing on customer needs and well-being.


To achieve this leading customer service position, Car Leasing Options makes a commitment to working within the following themes:

Innovation: Car Leasing Options regularly reviews the performance of our systems, our finance providers, our vehicle suppliers, and our product offering to ensure it remains at the leading edge of technology and value as it relates to our customer needs.

Customer service: Car Leasing Options constantly reinforces our outstanding customer service commitment by creating a culture within the business that keeps staff focussed on the customer experience.

Professionalism: Every engagement that Car Leasing Options has with our key stakeholders, including customers, employers, service providers, and industry colleagues, must be managed professionally. This is delivered through all of our communications and technical knowledge in the context of supporting the vision, mission, and values of Car Leasing Options.

Team work: Every staff member at Car Leasing Options supports their colleagues in helping them deliver a customer experience that meets the vision, mission, and values of the organisation.


The daily work of Car Leasing Options is underpinned by four strong values that explain the motivation of staff to succeed in this competitive market. These values are:

Quality: To provide meaningful information, to ensure customer satisfaction in each engagement.

Respect: To value the individual, to encourage ideas and opinions, and to foster a balanced lifestyle.

Growth: To commit to personal and professional growth by building working relationships with colleagues and customers, and in the setting of personal goals.

Courage: To be willing to work with change in the pursuit of product and service improvement and excellence.

Car Leasing Options team

Car Leasing Options has created a distinctive and valuable position in the Australian novated and operating leasing market based on three key elements:

  • Our customer service is our commitment to keep you happy and safe on the road
  • Our customer-focused IT solutions using the latest technology to deliver up-to-date information via various platforms (email, 24/7 online access via web portal, iPhone and Android app)
  • Our customer loyalty program

Customer service ethos

With a lease through Car Leasing Options you can expect:

  • A focus on customer care unlike any of our competitors in the market
  • 24 hour/365 day on-call customer support
  • That you will always speak to an actual Car Leasing Options representative every time, not an answering service or call centre
  • To receive industry-leading customer service in terms of response times and administrative support
  • To tap into our expertise to gain the greatest benefit possible from your novated or operating lease
  • To save thousands of dollars over the life of the agreement
  • To enjoy trouble-free car ownership through the support of our customer service team
  • That Car Leasing Options products and services are flexible and tailored to suit your individual needs
  • To use online systems designed to deliver faster and better service

Customer-focused technology

At Car Leasing Options we have developed specific customer-focused technology to enhance your experience with us.

  • Industry-leading technology that has been developed to ensure quick responses to customer enquiries and the fastest possible processing times for applications
  • Built around customer usability, speed, and reliability
  • Our systems are designed to give you all the information you need quickly and efficiently
  • Employers and employees receive comprehensive administrative support in managing their novated and even their operating lease