Operating Lease

What is an Operating Lease?

An Operating Lease allows your business to lease a vehicle or fleet of vehicles whilst outsourcing the risk of vehicle ownership to us. You can therefore invest and focus on other areas of your business such as freeing up valuable capital and releasing administrative staff weighed down with maintaining the vehicle fleet.

How does it work?

We will assess your current fleet and fit to purpose a package that works within the budget and constraints that best works for your business.

A fully maintained Operating Lease

A fully maintained Operating Lease through us includes all scheduled servicing, maintenance, tyres, insurance and roadside assistance for the duration of the lease period.

A non-maintained Operating Lease

A non-maintained Operating Lease is also offered covering both the vehicle lease and re-registration to suit your company’s requirements. All this is done by fixed, monthly payments covering the day to day running costs of vehicle ownership which is proactively managed by our vehicle experts.

Fleet Management

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet Management is available for businesses that currently have a vehicle fleet to outsource the management of their vehicles to us, regardless of whether the vehicles are owned or under finance. Fleet Management will relieve the administrative burden associated with running a fleet, allowing you to inject valuable time and money back into your business.

How does it work?

We will assess your current fleet and fit to purpose a package that works within the budget and constraints that best works for your business.

Registrations & CTP
Maintenance & Servicing
Fuel Card
Roadside Assistance
Vehicle Repayments
Tyre Repairs

Novated Leasing

Novated Leasing is the most cost effective way to drive the car you love. A three-way agreement between you, your employer and a Leasing Provider, a Novated Lease helps you save on tax, while taking all the stress and chance out of running and paying for a vehicle.

LeasePLUS is a leading and trusted provider of Novated Leasing services, nationwide and the company behind the CarLeasingOptions name. For more information on how you could save money and get behind the wheel of your dream car, click below.

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Why CarLeasingOptions?

CarLeasingOptions is a LeasePLUS Group brand dedicated to servicing our Operating Lease and Fleet Management customers, allowing us to better serve their needs, nationwide. Our specific offering allows us to focus on perfecting and improving these services for the benefit of our customer.

Previously operating under the LeasePLUS name, this new brand allows us to combine our technical expertise with our unwavering commitment to placing our customers and the community at the heart of everything we do.

Our team have worked in the Novated Lease and Salary Packaging Industries for over 15 years, and with the support of the LeasePLUS Group of companies behind us, CarLeasingOptions represents excellence, innovation and collaboration – all combining to produce high quality and effective services based on knowledge and experience.

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